Californians Pledge to Drinking Beer Instead of Water

Thousands of members of the California Beer Enthusiast for Environmental Rescue (Cali-BEER) gathered yesterday at the Moscone Center in San Francisco for the annual Cali-BEER Crafter Beer Festival.

During the awarding presentation for the best crafted beer of the festival, thousands of attendees signed pledges to help with California’s on-going drought problem by only drinking beer and forgo drinking water or any other type of beverage until the drought is declared over.

Cali-BEER founder Doug ‘Spudz’ McKenzie said that it was just a matter of time when all Californians have to adopt extreme measures to save California from the drought. McKenzie also said that members of Cali-BEER have taken it upon themselves to put restrictions on their own personal water use and drink only beer. “Preferably, we encourage to choose brands that have originated from a different state, so as not to add to problem” McKenzie added. They will continue the pledge until the day California declares the drought problem over.

Members of the Beer Retailers of California were also in attendance. They responded by giving each a every member of Cali-BEER a 50% discount on all beer brands they carry, and pledged full support for the program. The discount will continue indefinitely until Cali-BEER’s program is ended.

Cali-BEER is a non-profit organization founded three years ago by Doug ‘Spudz’ McKenzie to further the growing craft beer industry in California without harming the environment.