“Doll Prostitutes” are Coming to a City Near You


A new legal concept involving the oldest profession is coming to a few major U.S. cities this June.

Unreal Pleasures Hotels, Inc, a company in New York, has found a way to sell sex without breaking any law — within any city — by using realistic-looking dolls instead of real women, to market the new concept to men in their targeted areas.

The ‘brothels’ will be setup as hotels for business licensing purposes, complete with furnished rooms, and amenities such as free internet, cable TV, and room service. Life-sized, realistic dolls will be available for rent, on display at the brothel’s gift shop to customers, on a per-night rental basis.

The ‘prostitute’ dolls, designed to recreate the appearance, texture, and weight of the human female, rival humans in both look and feel, with accurate anatomical functions of female genitals, complete with body hair. Some of these dolls’ private features are of famous adult film stars, making these the closest thing a man (or woman) can experience to being with a real woman or with their favorite adult actress.

Kiki Lovelace, spokesperson for Pleasurable Things, Inc, the company that makes the dolls said that they have contracted several of the adult industry’s famous celebrities, to make an exact mold of their private parts, then recreate them using soft, realistic silicon. Then they are installed on life-sized bodies for a realistic look and feel.

“Where else can a man experience the pleasure of being with a woman or their favorite adult star, in the privacy of their own room, and without the guilt associated with it?,” asks Lovelace.

Richard Long, founder and president of Unreal Pleasures Hotels, Inc said that he came up with idea after being stuck living in a remote hotel in China for 6 weeks, while trying to close a business deal. He said he was asking a room attendant for an extra pillow, but because of the language barrier, she sent him an inflatable sex doll instead. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since the doll ‘kept him company’ and saved his sanity, as he was in the hotel for another 3 weeks.

Long also said that since the dolls are basically like any item any person can rent, it is legal in any state.

mannequin2“I compare it to a tool rental company,” Long said. “You can go to any tool rental place and rent a power drill, well these dolls are non-living, and just like any equipment, it can be rented for a fee without breaking any law.” he adds.
Anna Mahilig, supervisor at New York City’s business licensing unit said that they had no choice but to grant the license because it did not break any city ordinance, as the license applied for was for a hotel and not a brothel.

“Technically, the dolls are equipment for rent and there is no law against that being available for rent,” Mahilig said.

Long’s new chain of brothels will open in New York City in June with two more opening in Atlanta and a fourth in downtown San Francisco by August.  A fifth one is scheduled for opening later this year in Biglang Liko, Philippines.