Anti-Gay Summit: Putin, Museveni to Meet in July

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni announced today in a joint statement that the two leaders will meet in July on what would be an unprecedented two-nation summit to discuss strategies regarding each countries’ anti-gay laws.

The summit, which was suggested by Putin during a telephone call to Musevini to congratulate him on Uganda’s new anti-gay law which passed a little over a week ago, is to be held in romantic Paris, and will involve some private time between the two leaders.

According to the statement, Putin and Museveni will start the summit meeting in closed doors at an undisclosed location in France, but will move immediately after to the Hotel du Jeu de Paume, located almost dead center of Paris, a hotel situated in the heart of the quaint Ile Saint Louis neighborhood.

The two leaders have recently expressed admiration for each other, and after several late-night phone calls, have discovered that they have plenty of things in common, such as the love for French cuisine, cricket and nostalgic movies.

The statement also said that the two leaders’ exact agenda during the one-week-long summit will not be revealed to the public, however it did mention that the leaders would like to ‘get to know each other’, and see a private screening of the classic movie ‘Gone with the Wind’, among other things.

It is not known immediately why the two leaders have elected to stay at Hotel du Jeu de Paume, a four-star hotel. The Ile Saint Louis neighborhood, where the hotel is located, is known for romance, where couples stroll hand-in-hand, have leisurely dinners and kiss while overlooking the Seine River.