Google Makes “Facebook” Unsearchable, Declares “War”

Have you noticed it?

Many Facebook users are up in arms regarding an apparent change on Google search.  It looks like the people at Google have yet again tweaked their algorithm (the math formula that determines what comes up in your searches), that users are no longer able to search the word ‘facebook’ or any search variation which includes that particular word.

Silicon Valley-based internet giant Google has been known to tweak its search algorithm from time to time.  However, on each of those previous times, the company usually makes an announcement several weeks before the change, to give time to website administrators to revise code, if needed, so their web pages do not take a hit in the search rankings.

This latest change however caught everyone by surprise, including the people at Facebook.

“We are appalled, to say the least, at this latest development,” said Zaiden Xavier, public relations guru at social networking behemoth, Facebook.

“It seems like the term ‘facebook’ was simply struck from Google search, that it doesn’t show up on the results,” Xavier added.

Indeed.  We tried it ourselves, and as of 8:16AM today, any search with ‘facebook’ as a keyword does not come up on Google search at all, while  performing the same search on the Yahoo and Bing networks yielded thousands of results.

It seems apparent that Google has fired the initial salvo of what could be the start of a mega internet war between them and Facebook over social networking dominance.  It is widely known that Google’s own social networking site, Google Plus has always taken a back seat – way in the back – to Facebook, even from its inception.  Industry analysts say that Google may have finally decided to flex its muscles and take the social networking lead away from the hands of Facebook, and possibly another rival, Twitter.

“This is going to be interesting,” said Brin Page, analyst for Social Internet Special Interest Group (SISIG).

Page said that Google Plus never made any significant dent (on Facebook’s dominance) since it started, and thinks that Google has simply just said ‘enough is enough’, and are now taking steps within its powers to take over the reigns.

“I think this ‘war’ may take several years… we are witnessing history, this could be the start of an internet mega war”, Page prophesied.

Calls to executives at Google headquarters were not returned.  A spokesperson who answered the calls said that everyone was in the ‘war room’ and unavailable.

Google shares (NASDAQ: GOOG) shot to an all time best of $2,601.40, just a few hours after opening bell this morning, while Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) remained unchanged at around $63.00.