Manning Says Seahawks May Have Tampered with Equipment

Just a few hours after the humiliating Superbowl loss by the AFC champion Denver Broncos to the Seattle Seahawks, a controversy is beginning to surface about equipment tampering by the Seahawks.

Denver quarterback Peyton Manning, during an interview this morning said he believes that Seattle Seahawks players may have had sonic devices installed inside their helmets to emit high-frequency sounds to confuse him into making errors during the championship game on Sunday. He said that each time he snapped the ball, he begins to hear a high-pitched noise, mimicking that of the noisy stadium in Seattle, followed by thumping on the turf as if opposing players were about to grab him.

“It was an eerie feeling. You get that feeling that you are actually playing in Seattle, in front of that tough crowd, and to top it all, you begin to think that Seattle players are all around you.”, Manning said during a recorded interview on KDRED radio station in Denver.

Manning said that it was a big factor on why he threw two interceptions and the reason why his center Manny Ramirez snapped the ball in error that resulted in a safety in favor of Seattle during the very first play of the game.

Manning said that Ramirez could not hear the count because of the sensation they were hearing, as if a loud sound was being piped inside their heads. He added that because of that, Ramirez snapped the ball when he was in the middle of changing the play.

“We have to formally ask the NFL to investigate the issue,” Broncos executive vice president John Elway said. “It is bad enough that we were facing a great defense, but adding an extra advantage in the form of high-tech devices really makes it awfully hard, and wrong to boot, ” Elway adds.

Abril Uno game correspondent Wagka Maniwala caught up with referee John Ferrogomo just before he boarded a plane in New York’s JFK airport. When asked, Forrogomo said that he did hear something inexplicably loud that seem to switch on when Denver had the ball, but couldn’t tell whether it was just the crowd or intentionally generated using a high tech device.

“It was really annoying when it got inside your head, it came close to where you can’t even think, it was like something was there, but really isn’t,” Forrogomo said.

Meanwhile, commissioner Roger Goodell could not be reached to comment on the allegations. His office said that he has been unreachable since last night when he was last seen partying with Pete Carroll and a number of Seahawks players. The person who answered the call at his office said that a co-worker saw him “knocked out cold together with Pete Carroll” at an undisclosed bar in Manhattan.