NFL: Sherman, Crabtree to Spend Time Together After Superbowl

Just as everyone in the NFL football world thought that nothing would make it right between Seattle Seahawks’ defensive back Richard Sherman and San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree, Sherman reaches out to Crabtree by telephone on Thursday to try to patch things up between the two.

In this surprising move, Jamie Fritz, Sherman’s agent contacted Crabtree by phone and made arrangements for the two players to talk and iron out their differences. Fritz said that it was Sherman’s idea and was surprised when he received a phone call from an emotional Sherman around 3:00AM early Friday morning.

“He was difficult to understand, he may have been crying”, said Fritz.

Fritz was asked by Sherman to contact Crabtree that same morning to make plans as soon as possible so the two standout NFL players can meet and put an end to their squabble. He added that he got up early Friday and immediately contacted Crabtree, who was elated to hear about Sherman reaching out.

Plans were immediately made for the two players to spend some time in New York, just a few days after the Superbowl.

A reporter at the NFL Network contacted Crabtree through a mutual acquaintance and confirmed that Sherman and him had indeed spoken. Crabtree said that they have made arrangements to meet at Manhattan’s Central Park on Tuesday just after the Superbowl, and agreed to wear neutral matching outfits while they have their talk and walk in the park.

They also plan to go to an undisclosed exclusive restaurant, where Sherman had planned a quiet dinner for two, prepared by a Sherman’s chef-friend.

Both will cap the night with a few games of bowling — which is something both surprisingly learned that they both like — and maybe a movie after.

I was not immediately known if Sherman is picking up Crabtree or if Crabtree would just come over to Sherman’s hotel room.