IRS Declares No Taxes Due for Most Americans for Tax Year 2013

wall street

Thousands of taxpayers are taking to the streets in New York this morning upon hearing the announcement of a tax break announced by the Internal Revenue Service at 9AM Eastern time this morning. The tax break, affecting the majority of U.S. taxpayers, will mean a tax refund of almost 100% of all personal income taxes withheld during the tax year ending in December 31, 2013. The law allows for the IRS to declare the tax break whenever there is any indication that such a break could help the U.S. economy. It enables any single taxpayer earning less than $80,000 a … Continue reading

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Man, Dead for Two Years, Photo-Bombs Oscars Selfie


A man, supposed to have been dead for two years, has been spotted by relatives, apparently photo-bombing the now famous ‘selfie’ made by host Ellen Degeneres, during last Sunday’s Oscar Academy Awards. The man, identified by close relatives as Alfred Carpenter, was a horror film director during the 1980s and 1990s. Lucio Carpenter, Carpenter’s son, said it was mind-boggling to see his father right there on the photo. He spotted his father while reading articles and sifting through pictures on the internet about the show last Sunday. When he came across a shot of Bradley Cooper taking the selfie, he … Continue reading

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Anti-Gay Summit: Putin, Museveni to Meet in July


Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni announced today in a joint statement that the two leaders will meet in July on what would be an unprecedented two-nation summit to discuss strategies regarding each countries’ anti-gay laws. The summit, which was suggested by Putin during a telephone call to Musevini to congratulate him on Uganda’s new anti-gay law which passed a little over a week ago, is to be held in romantic Paris, and will involve some private time between the two leaders. According to the statement, Putin and Museveni will start the summit meeting in closed doors at … Continue reading

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